Bread And Circus​/​/​Goat Foot

from by Lipschitz

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I don't wanna to write a
song about gay rights
Should've been over years ago
(M: Just let it go)
I never gave a fuck about
Black and white
We don't need more cliches
About how we're all the same

There's so much more we should be fighting for
Disasters happen everyday
And yet we argue our lives away
(M: Can't you see)
Its what they want from you and me (x2)

It's enough to make me sick
Why can't you get over it

And move on!


Won't preach a message (x3)

Won't preach a message that states you damned won't campaign a platform that doesn't specify where I stand I'll use this body till it's bent and broken I'll waste my words until every thoughts spoken (x2)

Don't discourage or past the blame I'll be there to guard your very name (x2)

Lean on me when times get dark look to me when relief seems so far (x2)

They say that love can cure us all So I'll show you True heart (x2)

Don't discourage or pass the blame I'll be there to guard your very name.


from Ever​/​/​Ready, released January 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Lipschitz Odessa, Florida

Vocals - Valerie Marx
Guitar - Punisher
Bass - Django
Drums - Lambo-geenie

No Slaves DIY self recorded. Lipschitz Live Demo recorded by Costello Films at Epic Problem. Ever // Ready recorded in Odessa, Mix / Mastering at Audiosiege.

All merch done by Pig Pen Print Shop in Odessa.

All compilations have their credits due in their summaries.
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