No Slaves

by Lipschitz

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DIY 4 Track Demo


released October 20, 2013

Chris Evering - Vocals
Matt Phaneuf - Guitar
Anthony Frangipane - Drums
Jack Jallo - Bass



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Lipschitz Odessa, Florida

Vocals - Valerie Marx
Guitar - Punisher
Bass - Django
Drums - Lambo-geenie

No Slaves DIY self recorded. Lipschitz Live Demo recorded by Costello Films at Epic Problem. Ever // Ready recorded in Odessa, Mix / Mastering at Audiosiege.

All merch done by Pig Pen Print Shop in Odessa.

All compilations have their credits due in their summaries.
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Track Name: Hamboning
Won't preach a message (x3)

Won't preach a message that states you damned won't campaign a platform that doesn't specify where I stand I'll use this body till it's bent and broken I'll waste my words until every thoughts spoken (x2)

Don't discourage or past the blame I'll be there to guard your very name (x2)

Lean on me when times get dark look to me when relief seems so far (x2)

They say that love can cure us all So I'll show you True heart (x2)

Don't discourage or pass the blame I'll be there to guard your very name.
Track Name: War Room
Sick sick psychopath I know your game Willing to bring down anyone Just to make a name (x2)

You have Plastic lined walls so you don't leave a trace A wool knit mask So no one sees your face You have untraceable bullets in a stolen gun And you hand out invitations to join the club

(Chorus) It's doom and gloom in your war room And I won't be apart of it (x2)

Sick sick psychopath I know your game Willing to bring down everyone just to make a name!

The cities fell fell Fell to their knees you vanquished whole societies In the name of your god and for your freedom what about the rest aren't we all human!!!
Track Name: Hypochondriac
I'm sick of feeling fear I'm such a wreck I'm over being conscience of myself I just wanna disconnect I just wanna disconnect

I'm only getting worse no sign if anything getting better I can feel in my bones I'm more than just under the weather.

I can see it on the wall The clock counting life away It's words final It's all I think about each and everyday.

Hypo-chon-driac Help me I can feel it in my bones (x2)

They say I built it in my head They say it's all imaginary dread Oh you'll be sorry when I end up dead (x2)

All my fears I feel All my fears All my fear I feel All my fears
Track Name: Caught In Whirlwinds
I think This the end I can't let this happen Again

I'm just Caught in your Whirlwinds I'm just Caught in your Whirlwinds

You sure Can tell a lie Bewitch and hypnotize

I'm just simply venting but you're the hate in my life yeah the suicidal reasons

(Verse 2) Day after day I can feel my heart sinking Oh my god what am I thinking

Oh I know I'm just a fool To think you had a purpose Now I'm shoveling the dirt For My own grave

I think This is the end I won't let it happen again

I won't drown in your whirlwind

You sure can tell a lie bewitch and hypnotize

Your a plague On my mind But I won't die

I am not your fucking slave! Cut the ties Release the line